Volumiser Integration Mesh System

Hair loss, hair thinning or just fine hair in general can be distressing and upsetting for everyone and we sometimes turn first to products which we find do not work and that gets us more upset as sometimes we see these amazing advertisements and then we we actually get the products they do not work for us.  We then turn to hair pieces or wigs which we do find the wrong head size or they are just not right and we do not feel comfortable or confident in wearing them.  Some of us will have been to the doctors and not go the solutions to what the problems and in the end we are still upset and distressed.  Hot Locks may be the answer to what your looking for.

The system offered here at Hot Locks is the Volumiser Mesh Integration System which is perfect for clients who have had hair loss, have fine of thinning hair or somebody who has had a bad colouring experience and has got breakage.  The system is perfect for you so let your journey begin.

The system is bespoke to each client and a consultation will need to be carried out with each client, no prices can be given out without a consultation.  The system is built to your requirements and can take up to six hours to fit but this will be life changing for you and will make you feel fabulous and beaming with confidence.

The system is built with a breathable mesh which is applied and shaped and moulded to your head so that when the hair is applied it will be just like your own hair.  The system is easy to care for but you must follow the aftercare guidelines correctly so that you get the longevity out of the hair.  The system will need re-aligning every 8 weeks and the maintenance and aftercare is extemely important and vital so that your own natural hair remains in the best condition.

If you decide you want to book a consultation with me please contact me via email, text or phone, details are on the contact page.  The consultation is in complete privacy as I work on a 1-2-1 basis and the salon is within my home in a modern studio.  You will get the chance to discuss your requirements and we will discuss your hair in more detail.  Sometimes during consultation the Volumiser Mesh Integration System might not be suitable for you there maybe other solutions such as the Micro Parting.

Once length, hair origin and colours have been decided a price will be given and if you decide to go ahead a none refundable deposit is required, the system can then be ordered and it takes approx 4-5 weeks for the units to me made as they are made to the clients requirements.

I have put some pictures below of the clients who have had this system, if you want to know more information please contact me and I will answer any question you may have.


Julie suffers from a Thyroid problem and her hair has suffered due to her having health issues, her hair was in a bit of a mess when she came to me due to being ill and having to have an operation and not having her system removed earlier.  The system I removed was not fitted by me but you can see what can happen to the hair when the sytem is left on for too long.

Julie said

"Hiya, I just wanted to say a great big thank you for my hair, I am made up with it, I feel a million times better, its perfect it I love it"


Karen has very fine hair and was wearing a micro parting but wanted more coverage so opted for a full mesh system.  Results are amazing and Karen manages it well

Karen said

"I love what you have done and it feels just like my own hair - amazing!!"


 Bernie has been wearing clip-ins 24/7 for a couple of years the wear of the clips has caused traction alopecia so she ditched the clip-ins and opted for a Volumiser mesh integration system.  Results are amazing 

Bernie said

"Absolutely unbelievable how it feels like my own hair.  I feel fabulous!"


 Zoe had the Volumiser Mesh Integration System fitted because she has very fine hair and wanted length and thickness.  Zoe got long hair and found the results amazing.

Zoe said

"The result is  absolutely outstanding and I would definetly recommend this to anyone"


Rebecca had the Volumiser Mesh Integration System fitted because she was growing her hair and wanted length and thickness.  Rebecca was thrilled with the end result and had long thick hair.  

Rebeccca said

"I absolutely love it and now have gorgeous long hair"


Nicola has baby fine hair so the Volumiser was exactly the same as her own hair only thicker.  Brilliant end result! 

Nicola said

"Nobody knew I was wearing a volumiser it was exactly same as my own hair amazing"


Amanda had very fine hair and had a bit of a disaster with her hair colour and a  bad hair cut so she got the end result of what she wanted which was long hair with the Volumiser Mesh Integration System.

Amanda said

"From short to long which was a fantastic end result for me"