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17th December 2019

Introducing My Online Booking System

As we know sometimes it’s hard to book an appointment as we don’t have the time well I have made this very easy for you. Everyone wants to look glam for their parties or special events, holidays and of course, I love to help you look amazing.

The problem with missed or cancelled appointments

I know that life happens. Kids get ill. You get ill, held up at work, or have an emergency, and I’m always sympathetic when those things happen because they happen to me too!

So in these cases, all I would expect is to be given plenty of notice. But when clients either don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute, I might be unable to fill that appointment at short notice which costs me time and money. Not only that, someone who is desperate for an appointment might not be able to fit into this slot at short notice, so they lose out too. That’s why I ask for a small deposit when clients book consultations and a deposit for hair extension and hair loss systems services, but this doesn’t always prevent cancellations.

This is especially tough for a small business like mine. I’m sure I’m not the only hair stylist or small business who has this problem.

My online booking system

Everyone is so busy these days that even something as simple as getting around to calling and booking an appointment can be a chore, so I’ve made it nice and easy for you to book appointments with me. It’s super easy and convenient, and even better, it will only take you 2 minutes!

Why book online?

• You can access my online booking system 24/7, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

• You can easily see what services and appointments I have available and coordinate it with when you’re free.

• It’s nice and easy to use.

• You’ll be able to see all the information you need before you book.

• Some people are just so used to doing everything online because it’s so convenient. Try my online booking system and see how easy and convenient it is, and I promise, you’ll be converted!

Access my online booking system

If you want to get booked anytime, click here to access my online booking system.

Whether you want a new set of hair extensions, a consultation to find your perfect hair loss solution, or your extensions need a bit of maintenance and tlc, you’ll now have my appointments and services at your fingertips, 24/7!

Twin Tabs™ - The latest method to hit the hair extension market!

September 2019

Introducing Remi Cachet Twin Tabs™

Remi Cachet have just launched their Twin Tabs™ hair extensions and I’m very excited because they’re going to make a big difference to how we do Tape Hair Extensions. As much as I love tape extensions, they can be a bit fiddly and messy especially at removal and maintenance appointments. So, what’s so good about the Twin Tabs™?

Well for starters, Twin Tabs ™ can be fitted fast just like Tape Hair Extensions, but the application is nice, clean, and easy, just like you get with micro rings.

Twin Tabs ™ are 6cm wide (as a guide, 4 Twin Tabs™ would be the equivalent of 10 injection tapes used in standard Tape Hair Extensions) and there are micro rings inside, along with an injection top strip which mimics the hair root growth so it sits flat against the head. This creates a completely natural result without any visible bonds.

The benefits of Twin Tabs ™

• They last for at least 12 months if you follow the aftercare advice

• The injection top strip holds the hair securely in place which prevents hair shedding and it’s thin so it lies flat against the head for a natural result

• Very quick and easy to fit, maintain, and remove

• No damage is caused to the natural hair

• They’re available in 35 colours in lengths of 16” and 20”. Remi Cachet will be making even more lengths and colours available soon

How are they applied?

The hair is sectioned off then the Twin Tab™ is lined up with the top of the section of hair.

The tabs are opened up and the top and bottom is secured with a clip.

The stylist then pulls the client’s hair through the guide holes, then threads the hair through a micro ring and clamps down to secure it in place.

At the end of each section of hair, the stylist will take a small piece of hair and add it to the outer guide holes and lock it in place with a micro ring. This keeps the sides tidy and secure.

The stylist will then remove the section clips and drop down the top layer of the Twin Tab™ before fitting more extensions.

How are they removed?

The stylist squeezes the micro ring gently then brings the Twin Tab™ down the hair. They’ll then give your hair a brush, and your extensions can be re-applied straight away. It’s as easy as that. They will need to be re-fitted every 6-8 weeks. The best thing is, there’ll be no damage to your natural hair.

Do you want to give Twin Tabs™ a try?

If you usually have Tape Hair Extensions or micro rings, why not try Twin Tabs™ where you’ll get the best of both worlds?

Text or ring me on 07932078004 to find out more! 

Hair Extensions and Your Lifestyle: Things to Consider

March 2019

Hair Extensions and Your Lifestyle: Things to Consider

Hair extensions are a big commitment, and before you have them fitted, it’s important to consider whether they’ll fit in with your lifestyle or not. Some types of hair extensions are easier to manage than others, and you should always consider this before you go ahead. Here are some of the most common lifestyle factors that can affect your extensions.

You love sweating it out in the gym

If you love getting a sweat on, you’ll need to think about how this might affect your hair extensions. You can go to the gym when you have extensions, but because you’ll be sweating more, you’ll be washing your hair more often. If you wash your hair too often, it can dry out your extensions (remember they aren’t fitted directly to the scalp so they don’t get the benefit of the protective natural oils that your natural hair gets.). Try to wash your hair just a few times per week, and plan to wash it on the days you have your gym sessions. Always tie your hair up when you’re exercising, but make sure you don’t tie it too tight as this can put too much pressure on the bonds.

You’re a water baby

If you swim regularly, always tie your hair up and keep it out of the way. Wear a hat if possible, because if your hair extensions are exposed to chlorine, they can become dry and brittle, and chlorine can affect the bonds. I recommend washing and conditioning your hair as soon as you are out of the pool to minimise the drying effects of any exposure to chlorinated water.

You need to wear your hair tied up on most days

If you wear your hair in a ponytail because you need to tie your hair up for work, for example, you need to think about the strain this might be putting on the bonds. If your hair is pulled into a tight ponytail too often, some of the bonds can end up coming loose. Try different styles where your hair is tied more loosely and in a lower position on your head.

You have a busy lifestyle

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, or you have a family, a busy job, and lots of commitments, it might be worth thinking about how hair extensions might fit into your lifestyle. Once you’ve got the hang of washing and styling your extensions, looking after them shouldn’t take too long, though it will probably still take longer than you’re used to. There are other factors that you also need to take into account, like being able to commit to regular maintenance appointments.

The bottom line

If you really want hair extensions, the good news is that they fit in with almost any lifestyle. At your consultation, we’ll talk about your day to day routine, general lifestyle, and the maintenance and aftercare that’s required so you can make the decision to have them or not once you’re fully informed.

Want to know whether hair extension will fit in with your lifestyle? Call me for a chat on 07932078004 or email [email protected]

Our Latest Blog Entry

15 January 2019

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Our Latest Blog Entry

15 January 2019

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