When sleeping always make sure you tie your hair back in a  low pony tail using a soft bobble


Always use the products recommended by your Hair Extensionist


Use the correct brushes recommended by your Hair Extensionist and always hold the attachment area.


Never sleep with damp or wet hair as it will matt and tangle


Avoid chlorine, sea water and salt water when on holiday.  it will dry your hair extension out


When on holiday tie your hair extensions up, the sun can dry out your hair extensions and change the colour of them

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Your hair extensions have no natural oils so give them a regular treatments and they will feel lovely and soft

Heat Temperature

When using your curling tongs, hair dryers and straighteners make sure you use heat protection spray

Sun Exposure

When in the sun keep your hair extensions covered all the time, long hours in the sun can dry out your hair extensions


When using sun beds always cover your hair extensions with a towel


Book regular maintenance appointments in advance to keep your hair extensions in tip top condition


Suntan Creams

When using sun tan creams always make sure that you wash your hands before touching your hair extensions. Sun exposure and pool and sea water changes the colours of the extensions


Book your appointments well in advance and this will help prolong the life of your hair extensions and not compromise your own hair 


If you have any problems, concerns or need to ask something give me a ring.  I can help you get sorted.


And most of all enjoy your beautiful long hair